Erin McGee Ferrell, Carol Rowan, Suzannah Sinclair

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Erin McGee Ferrell My House Studio Figurative Winter Paintings: My Studio is Clean, White, and Bright. My person is messy with oil paint stained clothes and face. I work large

Jackson Gregory, Paul Heffernan, Jo M. Orise

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Jackson Gregory My studio on Vinalhaven built to my specifications in 1991, is a separate building in my backyard. It has wonderful natural light from an array of eight north

Matt Demers, Jodi Edwards, Caroline Garrett Hardy, June Kellogg

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Matt Demers My studio is on Water Street in Gardiner, Maine. I put a sign on the sidewalk when I’m  there for people to make their way up off the

Jenny Brillhart, Jean Kigel, Sara Stites

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Jenny Brillhart The studio is both source and location.  As I get older it seems that the subject or narrative of the painting is inseparable from the place of making.

Julia M. Doughty, Deborah Ellis, Claire Seidl

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Julia M. Doughty After reading The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, I realized that what was “missing” and blocking me from my artistic journey was a place to call my

Russell D’Alessio, Kate Emlen, Erin McGee Ferrell, Conrad Guertin

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Russell D’Alessio I work between two studios, one located upstairs above retail shops overlooking Frenchmen’s Bay in Bar Harbor where I have a view of the Porcupine Islands, the sea

Eric Leppanen, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Robert Younger

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Eric Leppanen I am an action painter who recycles old paint – giving it a new life and purpose. I try to create a constellation of different effects with paint by combining


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JANICE ANTHONY This small room has been my studio for the last 34 years. It was built for me as a studio space when we built our house, and has

Toni Jo Coppa, Jill Valliere, Elizabeth Yamin

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TONI JO COPPA This is a corner of my studio in the Artist Studio Building on Congress Street in Portland. I highly value being part of the community within

Barbara Cone, Johanna Moore, Lesia Sochor

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BARBARA CONE It was through MassWax, a New England-based encaustic artist group I co-founded, that I learned about 26 Split Rock Cove Artist Retreat in South Thomaston. Last summer I

George Mason, Bob Richardson, Dianna Rust

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GEORGE MASON Big room studio: encaustic, assembly and occasional gallery Ground floor studio: wet works Since I live in what was once a church I have more room than most.

Pamela Hetherly, Cara Romano, Jude Valentine

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PAMELA HETHERLY My studio is in a 10-sided tower overlooking the woods at my home in Mount Vernon. It’s a magical place loaded with memories. Though I wish it were