Erin McGee Ferrell

My House Studio

Figurative Winter Paintings: My Studio is Clean, White, and Bright. My person is messy with oil paint stained clothes and face. I work large with thick oil layers of complex color. In contrast my surrounding is simple. Between each painting series I wash and bleach canvas floor cloths, purge the room of nonessentials, and all completed work.

My Garage

Interactive Mixed Media Bio Art Summer: Pieces of wood, canvas, rock, plastic line shelves. The concrete floor rough textured with glue, varnish, spray paint, and stuck sand. This is where I fling, drip, heat, melt, and mix with no regard. Understanding Clearly the difference of having a studio your home, and then one removed.

Carol Rowan

……after 12 years of painting in a very dark studio, with no insulation or cross ventilation…
I went from this ….
to this…….
the barn is a bigger project, to tackle a little slower…but much cleaner after this was taken, not that it’d ever be dust free to varnish in!

Suzannah Sinclair
This is me in my studio last February. The studio itself is a small bedroom with 3 windows looking southish over gardens and the forest beyond. The room can be dark, paneled in luan panels that were from the old Atlas Plywood Mill when it still operated here in Greenville. It is always a sharp contrast from the sun and snow and the wood inside. My kids share a room so I can have this space, furnished with the drafting table I received as my high school gradation present from my folks and a big metal flat file that moved with me from Brooklyn 7 years ago. Presently I am working on small egg (from my chickens) tempera paintings from vintage Playboys (11 boxes in the corner).