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2024 Summer Exhibitions
Carla Weeks | On This Island
Bronlyn Jones + Robert Bauer
Arnold J. Kemp | To Whom Keeps A Record

2024 Winter Exhibitions

Carla Weeks | On This Island
Alison Hildreth | Darkness Visible
Sam Finkelstein and Duncan Hewitt | Good Morning Midnight
Let the World In

2023 Fall Exhibitions 

Shinique Smith | Continuous Poem
Jeane Cohen | This Watching Land
Alison Hildreth | Darkness Visible
Gamaliel Rodriguez | (In)hospitable

2023 Summer Exhibitions

Shinique Smith | Continuous Poem
Nancy Andrews | Homebodies
Rodrigo Valenzuela | WEAPONS
Ellie Ga | Quarries


2023 CMCA Biennial

2022 Fall Exhibitions

Ian Trask | Mind Loops
Elijah Ober | CALCIUM/Your Future Ex Squirrelfriend
Daniel Minter + Eneida Sanches | through this to that


2022 Summer Exhibitions

Yashua Klos | Our Living
Veronica Perez | voices, whispering
Reggie Burrows Hodges | Hawkeye
The View from Here


2022 Spring Exhibitions

Nicola López | Visions, Phantoms, and Apparitions
Walk the Line
Chris Doyle | The Fabricators
Young Sun Han | Passages from a Memoir + Tourist in the Dark

2021 Fall Exhibitions

Ryan Adams | Lessons
Spatial Relations
Into Action
Hiraki Sawa | Absent 


2021 Summer Exhibitions

David Row | The Shape of Things
S.B. Walker | Nor’East
Will o’ the Wisp



2020-2021 Fall/Winter Exhibition

2020 CMCA Biennial


2020 Spring/Summer Exhibitions

Erin Johnson | Unnamed for Decades

Skirting the Line | Painting Between Abstraction and Representation 

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2019/2020 Winter Exhibition 

Temporality | The Process of Time


2019 Summer Exhibitions

Ann Craven | Birds We Know
Dan Mills | Human Topographies
Tectonic Industries | DREAMS CAN COME TRUE


2019 Spring Exhibitions

Melt Down
Wade Kavanaugh + Stephen B. Nguyen |Hubris Atë Nemesis  


2018 Biennial