Pamela Hetherly Studio-final

My studio is in a 10-sided tower overlooking the woods at my home in Mount Vernon. It’s a magical place loaded with memories. Though I wish it were five times bigger so I could have more room to fill it with my junk.


Cara Romano Studio-79

My studio at 192 Main Street in Ellsworth, Maine, was formerly the Masonic Hall, built circa 1933 and repurposed in 2007 into a bustling, multi-purpose building. The building is alive with an artists’ co-op gallery across the hall, a Mediterranean tapas restaurant on the other side of the wall, a hair salon upstairs, and a graphic design office at the end of the hall.

Some days I invite the interaction of others by keeping the door to the shop open, allowing people to hear and see me work. Other days I find I prefer to create with minimum distraction, with the door closed, shade drawn. All of the activity of the building allows me to feel safe getting lost creating my work, knowing that the outside world is only a door away if I choose to open it.


Valentine studio

You caught me on a productive streak! I don’t have a lot of room, but it is pretty organized. Well . . . maybe a little messy as well! I’m working on smaller 9 x 12 pastel paintings sketched and color schemed last summer. The blue frames around the pastels are painter’s tape to keep a clean border on the paper.

I switch off between printmaking, drawing, and pastel media in the same space. Right now, I’m in the middle of finishing smaller works for an upcoming show. Please pay no attention to the “Five O’Clock” (vodka) on the table! Although it looks a little askew, I use it in the formula for a non-toxic pastel fixative spray.

Gibson (The Hound Dog) is keeping track of my time, making sure I take a break to refresh at least once during the afternoon.