Kimberly Crichton studio-CMCA Open Studio Blog

My studio is full of the things that fill me with joy: reminders of the people who have shaped my life, like the sweet scalloped yellow chair that was my grandmother’s; as much nature as I can bring inside — plants and sand, sea glass, shells, acorns, dried flowers, chestnuts, and pine cones; the words and images that challenge, educate, and feed me, all tucked into beautiful books and magazines; and last but definitely not least, the needles, paper, and embroidery thread I use to make my art. Inspiring and engaging, each and every one. Like the women who have come for thousands of years before me, I sit and stitch my hand-sewn paper works here, among all the treasures of my life. Photo credit: Jack Tar 207 — Maine Products


Scott Davis_CMCA Open Studio Blog

I like the high ceilings and rough unfinished surroundings…. A proper work space.


Bessie Smith Moulton Studio-CMCA Open Studio Blog

My studio is attached to our house in Falmouth, Maine. It is built on stilts straddling a pond, which flows into the Presumpscott River below. It is also a library. Each artist’s book I make represents research into the subject.

I had the good fortune to design my studio space to fit my process and work habits. I store tools and materials in bins that slide into the bookshelves when not in use. Flat files hold paper, artwork, and collage material; the top serves as a large work surface, and the addition of wheels extends its function. The main workstation (from the unfinished furniture store) has plenty of storage.

Over half the wall space of the studio is glass, overlooking the river and surrounding forest, creating a peaceful, inspiring place.