CMCA Community Courtyard Donation

Designed to welcome the community “like an open embrace,” the Community Courtyard is envisioned as a lively gathering spot for First Fridays, special events, and community celebrations, as well as a place for visitors and community members to sit and rest.

A gift to the CMCA Community Courtyard is a way to honor individuals and to recognize businesses essential to the vibrancy of the region. Donors at the $10,000 level and above will be recognized on the permanent donor wall. All donors will be acknowledged in opening season events and publications.

Together, let’s raise the funds necessary for the Community Courtyard at the new CMCA in Rockland. Thank you!

Learn more detailed facts about the new CMCA building project and Community Courtyard by viewing this PDF.

For information on other ways to donate, including stock transfers, please call +1 207.701.5005.