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[ON]now Exhibition | Shelter (Earth, House, Body, Spirit)

November 20, 2020 - March 6, 2021


Jurors | Annika Earley + Tessa Greene O’Brien, Co-directors, Able Baker Contemporary, Portland, ME

Jurors’ Statement

Shelter (Earth, House, Body, Spirit) features 20 artists who examine the slippery nature of what seeking cover and comfort looks like. For some, these explorations are specific and literal. For others, they move like brackish water between the four categories that emerged from the submissions: earth, house, body, and spirit. 

Some artists offer shelter by grounding the viewer in the underbrush; some use rich textures to explore the care, tenderness, and occasional exhaustion that bodily shelters can offer to the self and others; and some look deeply inward towards the spirit as a reprieve. This collection of works show how multi-faceted the idea of shelter can be: comforting, powerful, fallible, tender, exhausting, and essential.

Artists Included

Cecilia Ackerman, Judith Allen-Efstathiou, Jeane Cohen, Eleanor Conover, Kenny Cole, Alicia Ethridge, Jessica Gandolf, Brice Garrett, Sarah Haskel, Nina Jerome, Alice Jones, Rachel Katz, Arnela Mahmutovic, Lindsay Mercer, Meghan Mitchell, Whitney River, Judith Schneider, Sharon Shapiro, Shane Smith, Kiana Thayer

[ON]now is a series of online exhibitions presenting the work of Maine artists through a digital venue. Juried by guest jurors, [ON]now goes beyond the physical gallery walls to expand possibilities of showing and viewing contemporary art.

Cecilia Ackerman

The Animals told her it would happen at night and so she kept vigil with her neighbors, 2020
Hand-cut paper and pastel
30 x 20 inches

Judith Allen-Efstathiou

Roots, 2020
Tea-tinted cyanotype on mulberry paper
12 x 12 inches

Jeane Cohen

Disassociated Owls, 2020
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 inches

Kenny Cole

Within and Without, 2020
Gouache on paper
 60 x 94 inches

Eleanor Conover

Between and Before, 2020
Oil on paper
12 x 9 inches

Alicia Ethridge

Bent out of Shape, 2020
Oil on canvas
43 x 60 inches

Jessica Gandolf

Night Wader, 2020
Oil on panel
10 x 10 inches

Brice Garrett

Untitled (Eastport 1.1-5), 2020
Hydrocal, pigments, steel hardware
12.5 x 9 x 2 inches each

Sarah Haskell

Dissolving Boundaries, 2020
Hand woven linen, dipped in indigo and ceriops (mangrove bark) dyes, rusted, weathered, bleached and painted.
Embroidered with linen and cotton threads. Turmeric dyed applique
40 x 37 inches

Nina Jerome

Quarry Reflections 10, 2020
Oil on panel
12 x 12 inches

Alice Jones

Town Over, 2020
Oil on canvas
16 x 20 inches

Rachel Katz

Untitled (pink twilight), 2020
Colored pencil on paper
36 x 36 inches

Arnela Mahmutovic

With you with me, 2020
Oil on canvas
34 x 46 inches

Lindsay Mercer

Bellhouse no. 1, 2020
Single channel video
1:25 minutes

Meghan Mitchell

Mother Number Two, 2020
Archival Pigment Print
40 x 60 inches

Whitney River

Moon Shell 25, 2020
Graphite on paper
4 x 4 inches

Judith Schneider

Shelter #4, 2020
Cold wax and mixed media on canvas
10 x 10 inches

Sharon Shapiro

Holiday Inn, 2020
Graphite, colored pencil, watercolor and photo transfers on paper
52 x 66 inches

Shane Smith

November, 2020, ​
Oil paint, Beeswax, wood ash, vinyl, on stitched hemp canvas
84 x 60 inches

Kiana Thayer

Love Letter No. 3, 2020
Tufted yarn on burlap
30 x 42 inches


November 20, 2020
March 6, 2021
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