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CIFF Storyforms | Earthearthearth, Forager, Trust Issues

September 14, 2023 - September 17, 2023

September 14 – 17 | 10am – 5pm
Free and open to the public
Presented in partnership with the Camden International Film Festival

CIFF’s 2023 Storyforms exhibition features earthearthearth by Daïchi Saïto, Forager  by Winslow Porter and Elie Zananiri and Trust Issues, a new podcast / audio series presented by World Records. This year’s Storyforms program is free to the public in CMCA’s Guy D. Hughes Gallery and Bruce Brown Gallery.

All other galleries will be closed during this time for installation.

earthearthearth by: Daïchi Saïto

30 mins | Canada | 2021

Dawn breaks where land is flesh

And bones’ echoes;

You’ve lived through extinctions –

Stars, skies, sand and seas;

Future is catching us up at last,

And all the dead are ahead of us.

Screening in the CMCA’s Hughes Gallery, this mesmerizing, sensorial film by Daïchi Saïto – shot on 16mm, processed with analogue techniques, and blown up to 35mm – explore our relationship to landscapes and the body through psychedelic images of the Chilean Andes and a pulsing biorhythm-driven soundtrack by composer/saxophonist Jason Sharp.


Forager by: Winslow Porter and Elie Zananiri

7 mins | United States | 2023

A mushroom is a door in the floor. Open it and discover nature’s greatest revelation: an endless underground network secretly feeding life to the world above. And yet, we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about mushrooms. What if we knew more?

Forager is a multisensory mixed reality experience. Using sight, sound, touch and scent, you will experience the complete life-cycle of fungi: spores, mycelium, fruiting body, and the inevitable decay.

Cover image: still from Forager (2023)


Trust Issues | Episode 1: The Freedom of Fiction 

Produced by Aliya Pabani | Written by Jason Fox

Featuring: RaMell Ross, Saidiya Hartman, Charles Burnett, Terri Francis, and Ina Arche

Sharing images with each other was supposed to make us feel more connected. Yet trust – in government, media, each other – is at an all-time low, and to have faith in no one is to feel completely alone. That’s where this new podcast intervenes. Think of it like a relationship advice column. Instead of learning to be a better family member or friend, this five-episode series is about becoming a better viewer of images and the ways that images shape how we see and relate to each other. You’ll hear from filmmakers, photographers, writers, activists, and even a broker for videos that were smuggled across the Syrian border, talking about how we are connected to and alienated from each other through images, and how they can help build new forms of trust, support, and solidarity. This audio series will be presented in our galleries via ipads and headphones.



September 14, 2023
September 17, 2023
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