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Yvonne Maiden

Yvonne Maiden

Medium mixed media | painting | sculpture

Website https://www.yvonnemaiden.com




Yvonne Maiden yvonnemaiden.com 

is a contemporary figurative painter and installation artist, who lives and works in Portland, Maine .  Paradigms of her work are found within female archetypal experience, strength and vulnerability, and rituals of passage .


A native of the Midwest, Maiden was awarded an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1990 .  She studied at Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China in 1986 and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor from 1980-83 .  Maiden lived and worked in Jerusalem, Israel from 1993-95 .  


Awarded fellowships from the Vermont Studio Center in 2007 and 2009, she has exhibited extensively.  Maiden has participated in shows such as the Pro Arts Annual curated by Jacquelyn Bass of the University Art Museum of Berkeley, California and a collective representational exhibit for CMCA/June Fitzpatrick/Maine College of Art curated by Bruce Brown.  Her work is found in several collections, including the Lucille Packard collection of Palo Alto, California. 


In 2022, Maiden became part of an invitational collaboration with Tatiana Rivero Sanz in which her artwork is featured in a poetic short film,  ‘I’m inside a painting’ . 


The artist’s most recent work, found as a series and website gallery titled, ‘Woman, Water and Breath’,  engages archetypal relational female experience with water, air, diffuse light and earth .  Maiden states, ‘Through this series I have held constructs such as the idea of Mother-earth, our breath, and renewal through water rituals .  The potential for breath came to be symbolized through the circle .  And deeper yet…the circle has become a reference to the potential for life…or perhaps seeds of origination” .