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Whitney River

Whitney River


Website http://whitneyriver.com


LocationCamden, ME

By removing objects from their natural context and arranging them in a new environment, Whitney River allows them to develop new associations. The simplicity of the compositions emphasizes the way the organic forms interact with each other and the space around them. Separated from their origins and presented without distraction, the viewer can focus on the individual objects, and appreciate them not only for what they are, but for what they might represent. Each branch reveals curves, bends, bumps and scars that express its unique character.  A vine twists and wraps itself around a branch, a path through space. A shell begins to show signs of wear, as tiny cracks and fractures emerge, interrupting its perfect spiral. A seed holds the potential of an individual, as it suggests immeasurable possibilities.Whitney River graduated from Yale University in 1995. Since then she has shown extensively throughout New England, and her drawings and paintings are represented in many private and corporate collections. Whitney has been a Maine resident since 2000. She currently lives in Camden with her husband and two children.