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sue garrett

sue garrett

Medium architecture | drawing | mixed media | photography

Website http://suecgarrett.com


After schooling and working in the field of Architecture for more than 30 years, I have been experimenting with many different mediums.  I will show a sampling here on this website.  I live in Belfast and have had the opportunity to take classes at Waterfall Arts, Senior College, and with small groups of artists. I have displayed work at Waterfall Arts Virtual 2020 Milestones Show, Senior College's Festival of Art (2015-2019), St. Margaret's Episcopal Church's Corridor Art Shows, and Camden Public Library's February 2021 Virtual Show of five women artists who were students of New Ventures Maine's classes.  I believe photography to be one of my stronger skills and will continue taking pictures of what I consider Divine creatures, order, rhythms, creations made and sustained by our powerful oceans, seasons, and weather. I also plan to apply the theories and design concepts that I learned while in school and working in the field of Architecture, to making some serious, simple, but interactive sculptures with the people who will view them.