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David Stengelsen

David Stengelsen

Medium painting

Website http://stengelsenfinearts.com


I have always been interested in the visual arts, forever trying to get family members and friends to sit for portraits.  About 45 years ago I developed a regimen that finds me painting 8 hours a day and devoting the balance of my time to art studies.  I have resided full time in Norway and South Paris, Maine since 1988.

 I have had no formal art education and am self-taught with one exception - artists I respected encouraged me to study the masters and find several who seemed to strike a sympathetic chord.  This I did, becoming influenced by the work of Oskar Kokoschka, Ernst Kirchner, Claude Monet and later, Neil Welliver and Philip Guston.  I read constantly, focusing on art subjects and look to my favorite masters when I have a painting problem and often find a solution through them. 

 Most of my paintings are done in a realistic style in oil.  I am especially concerned with composition, draftsmanship and strong color. Subjects that interest me the most are portraits, landscapes and large florals.