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Ryan Wight

Ryan Wight

Medium film | mixed media | photography | sculpture

Website http://www.ryanwight.net



Ryan Wight is a conceptual artist born in Belfast, Maine and currently residing in Portland, Maine. His interdisciplinary practice utilizes sculpture, photography, and film to address humanity's relationship to the natural world. Ryan is currently a second year MFA candidate at Maine College of Art & Design and received his BFA from the University of Southern Maine after studying at Syracuse University. He has furthered his artistic development by attending opportunities such as the Monhegan Artist Residency and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.


My interdisciplinary art practice is inspired by a deep interest in nature. I draw from personal experiences and extensive research to explore the potent relationships that exist between remote environmental systems. I strongly believe that everything is unified and balanced through the movement and flow of interacting forces. My work aims to highlight this delicate balance as I create unique interconnections through assemblages of organic and synthetic materials, while also considering the tensions created by technology and human agency.