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Ruthanne Harrison

Ruthanne Harrison

Medium architecture | drawing | mixed media | painting | other

Website http://ruthanneharrison.com


LocationRichmond, ME

Visual artist Ruthanne Harrison has been living and working in Maine for 35 years. Her background is as a painter, and although her current work is in a completely different medium, painting and drawing are still essential components. Studying, and now teaching, architecture provided experience with 3D digital modeling, and has informed the content and design of Ruthanne’s work significantly. The software, equipment, and techniques used for architectural modeling have become essential to the technical production of her art. Recently, the work extends into augmented and virtual reality.

This video work is a combination of painting, digital drawing, photography, digital modeling, and augmented reality. She often incorporates techniques of 3D design, laser cutting, and sewing into the art pieces used in the videos. Ruthanne’s original ideas stemmed from animation of her paintings, and from there, into using small hand-built environments, 3D printed objects, digital environments, text,and sound. 

The videos are brief journeys: through place and time, through questions unanswered, through loss and sadness, through renewal and joy.