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Mildred Bachrach

Mildred Bachrach

Medium mixed media

Website https://mildredbachrach.com/


LocationPortland, Maine

Mildred Bachrach viewed herself as a caregiver during her fifty years as a specialty in nursing. Caregiving was both her personal and professional mantra. When she started to work formally as an artist two years ago, caregiving was the core of her practice. She believes that helping people remember images and feelings from their past is not just being an Artist, it is being a Caretaker in a completely different manner. Art enables her to touch more people by validating their humanness and by showing them that they are not alone. Her work is based on the concept that while moving through life we are changed by all we touch, see and hear. These changes are forever caught deep inside us. They break through when we are tired or stressed, and when we remember the blackness. This is a universal part of being a human being. By valuing these universal aspects of ourselves and by presenting them as art objects she validated the humanness of the viewer.