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Marcie Jan Bronstein

Marcie Jan Bronstein


Website http://www.marciejbronstein.com



"I paint intimacy, vulnerability, fragility and interdependence: I paint relationships..." ​Marcie Jan Bronstein is a visual artist whose work stands on three decades of dedication to photographic and meditational practices. Her interest is in using the special qualities inherent to watercolor (bleeding, merging, flowing, layering) to create intimate, sensual paintings that reflect an inner world: Symbolic, mystical, erotic and psychological.  All work is created without a sketch, a plan, or a mark of pencil on the paper. Images are discovered and composed completely in the moment, and with watercolor, this means that each mark made has a kind of finality. Titles are an integral, carefully considered part of the work.A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology and Hampshire College,  her work has been exhibited, published, and commissioned for thirty years. She is the author of three books and the creator of a number of large-scale public works. Since 1996, she has lived and worked in a reconstructed barn on the coast of Maine. ​In the Spring of 2020, a solo exhibition of her work will be on view at the University of Maine Museum of Art.