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Joanna Logue

Joanna Logue

Medium painting



Location POBox 276, Mount Desert, Maine, 04660, US

Artist statement

The paintings I have posted here were made during the last year in a studio I built on Mount Desert Island. The works are a direct response to the landscape on the Atlantic coast, particularly Acadia National Park, marked by woodland, marshes, rocky beaches, ponds, lakes and glacier-scoured granite peaks.

Making these paintings away from ‘home’ and the Australian bush - a landscape that remains with me as a strong visceral memory, proved challenging. It required acute observation and intense drawing, and a study of the painters that have captured the essence of this landscape previously, namely Marsden Hartley, Alex Katz, Fairfield Porter, Lois Dodd and John Walker, to name a few. Through intense observation, a new palette, solidity of shapes, and a painterly textural complexity emerged in the work. Heading out into this new terrain not only encouraged a different visual language, but anchored me in a new world, and paradoxically led me towards a more universal approach to landscape painting.

* CV and condensed bio available on website