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Lisa Kellner

Lisa Kellner

Medium painting

Website https://www.lisakellner.com/


LocationDeer Isle, Maine

“In this year of uncertainty, I turn inward, into the Crevace, looking closer than before and painting my own experience of the present moment.”
— Lisa Kellner
2020 -
Submersing myself in the remote wilderness brings me to a place of steady calm and assuredness. It is also where I find my greatest inspiration. I study the many microcosms that inhabit the untouched recesses of the natural world: their patterns, systems and sense of cohabitation. In these natural spaces bits and pieces of discarded man made objects have accumulated over time, embedding themselves into the landscape. This detritus also finds its way into my paintings. The world has shifted and our landscape reflects that.In the studio, I begin with the crevasse; the point where things come together and fall apart. It is in these deep recesses of space that new beginnings are possible and old outcomes find a home. From here, I am left to my own devices, developing painting surfaces that exist in the realm of possibility and closure.