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Kathryn Brill

Kathryn Brill

Medium mixed media

Website https://www.kharrisb.art/


LocationBath, ME

About Kharris
Her moniker, Kharris B, is derived from her "art name" when she was single (Kathryn Harris), combined with the "B" for her married name Brill.  She moved to Maine from Utah in 1989, living on Peaks Island for seven years, and attended one year at Portland School Of Art (now Maine College of Art & Design). She then moved to South Portland for several years, and since 2008 has been living in Bath with her husband/Supporter Extraordinaire, Ken.  Most of her work is self-educated, learning new tools and techniques as she goes. Her creations range from linear stained glass pieces, to batik, reclaimed wood furniture-making, and most recently found object assemblages.  In all her media, she finds inspiration in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Joseph Cornell.  She tries to use salvage for anything she can.  In 2014/2015, she participated in various exhibits and in July 2015 opened her own shop, Kharris B, in downtown Bath.  Just prior to the pandemic, she moved her shop into her home in Bath, and in 2023 has begun exhibiting her work again.
 Artist's Statement
When I lived on Peak’s Island, my back-shore exploring posed the best removal from work, house stuff and any general angst I was dragging around.  The air was heavenly, tasted so great.  And then I’d plunk my ass down amongst the rocks, various shells, sea glass and driftwood and just start picking things up.  Same thing I did as a kid.  I created little scenes with cool stuff I found while the other kids were doing everything else.  My house had bowls of smooth rocks to sink a hand in almost any spot I chose to sit.  The front porch was decked in driftwood.  My habit of scrounging is a beloved part of my life.Somehow moving to Maine fine-tuned my senses…color seemed more intense, I had never noticed air the way I do here.  My creative itch found the perfect climate.  Dump picking, second-hand shops, yard sales, rusty bits I picked up everywhere;  parking lots, roadside bits, there are treasures everywhere if you are looking for them. Old photos, recipe cards and letters, discarded old books, camera lenses beyond repair, retired clocks and tools.  They all live in sorted totes, I know where to find things.For a long time I just collected bits and pieces.  Batik was a fierce focus on my menu for years – found that doing it on paper was so much more interesting.  And unexpected.  I took a woodworking class and started building rustic furniture from reclaimed wood. I make stained glass pieces just for the characteristics of the glass itself.  But then I started really noticing shadow boxes, assemblages, combinations I had all the makings for.  My carefully procured collections became a palette that really woke me up.  The kid-creating-scenes was back.  My head is constantly configuring, notebooks where there used to be bowls of rocks…ideas come hard and fast.  I like being able to see things differently every time you stop and look.  It’s absolutely my dessert for head and heart…My hope is that the pieces I create will engage people in that same innocent-curious way that they do for me.  I want there to be pauses…where just looking at the piece actually requires some time, exploration, and questions.