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Katherine Beck

Katherine Beck

Medium painting | photography

Website https://katebeck.art


LocationBrunswick, Maine

I am an abstract painter and work with the landscape only as inspiration, considering conditions of color, scale and metaphoric content. Oil paint is my medium. Larger works are kingpins of my aesthetic as scale is a primary factor in my process. The 65x61 inch painting is a great ‘human’ size for viewing, and the 10x10 inch works are very complimentary -- small visual powerhouses.  I also pair photographic image with the materiality of oil paint, allowing surprisingly intimate access to the surface. With all of my work, I use nature as a metaphor for feeling, creating lush, dynamic works laden with ambience of hue, movement and vague suggestion of landscape that sometimes morphs into nothingness. René Magritte once expressed that there are no answers in his paintings, only questions. My questions are seated in the critical discourse of the duality of realism and abstraction, prompted by the enormous power of visual imaging within our current culture of chaos, loss and pain, and anger -- and the hopeful yet vulnerable comfort of nature, which we must value, rescue and preserve -- and embrace.

I live on the ocean in Harpswell, Maine and create my works in my wonderful mill loft near Bowdoin College.  I have been an exhibiting artist in commercial galleries, museums and university galleries in the United States, New York City and Europe for over fifteen years. I also teach as faculty at Maine Media Workshops + College in Rockland via my personal studio. Please see my website for a complete CV and current opportunities.