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Katherine Beck

Katherine Beck

Medium drawing | painting | photography

Website https://katebeck.art


LocationBrunswick, Maine

    • Kate Beck (b.1956), MFAIA 
    • American painter and writer
    • A constant investigation into drawing and painting has been my aesthetic experience with visual art. My drawings and paintings materialize in imagined landscapes and portraits through spontaneous mark, brushwork, color and organized scale, often suggesting concurrent feelings of place and displacement. Fascinations include landscape photographs conceptualized by overprinting in oil and vinyl paint, presenting fresh opportunities for feeling and illusionistic space, and furthering the obscurity between realism and abstraction. A separate sensibility, my visual works are often accompanied by poetic verse written simultaneously as their surfaces develop and emerge. 
    • Recent projects include a transformational study of the landscape paintings of Giorgio Morandi from 1932 - 1963, conceptualizing his journey into pure abstraction as a mature artist through my own painting and vision of light and memory postured from my home on the coast of Maine.  
    • Recipient of a professional grant from the Adolf and Esther Gottlieb Foundation in New York, and also a Foundation for Contemporary Art, Covid-19 Artist Relief Fund Grant in 2021. Resident fellow at the BAU Institute (New York, Italy, France), Newlyn Gallery & Exchange, Cornwall, UK; Oakes Creek Ranch, Clarendon, TX; The Reside Residency, London, UK; and The Vermont Studio Center, VT.  Professional collaborations include Thomas A. Clark, poet, Scotland, UK;  Berg, Jones & Sarvis Dance, Portland, ME; Stiftung Konzeptuell Kunst, Soest, GER; Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem, NL; PIT Project Initiative, Tilburg, NL; parisCONCRET, Paris, FR; Brito-Rodriguez Arquitectura, Lisboa & Óbidos, PT;  New Mexico Museum of Art, and the Friends of The New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM; Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME; and in New York : September Gallery; MinusSpace; Masters & Pelavin; The Drawing Center; and Kentler International Drawing Space among others. My journalism is sourced through New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) in New York. 
    • I am an academic advisor and MFA thesis editor at Maine College of Art in Portland, and teach classes in visual culture (Culture, Identity & the Overpainted Image and The Cosmic Landscape) at Maine Media Workshops + College in Rockland, Maine.


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