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Janice L. Moore

Janice L. Moore

Medium painting

Website http://janicelmoore.com/


LocationFreeport, Maine

Janice L. Moore was born in Canada and grew up in northern Maine in the last days of the school calendar revolving around the potato harvest. Timelines were always about the work that needed to be done juxtaposed by short stints traveling by boat with her family along the Maine coast. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College she worked in both the art and fashion industries in New York for almost a decade. She moved back to Maine for her family, to finally see a straight horizon line on Casco Bay, and to paint full time.With abating tactile sensitivity, her art making is a clumsy and inelegant process. Brushes drop. Things fall down and tip over. It’s a slow ritual of making marks and erasing marks, layer by layer. The point is always simply to do the work and for that work to be as specific and honest as possible. She returns to pieces repeatedly, over years sometimes, describing the process as an ongoing conversation with an idea. The painting conveys what it needs until the idea is complete. Moore says of her practice, “It’s never been a choice or a decision really; just something I’ve always done and needed to do.”