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Jeremy Barnard

Jeremy Barnard


Website https://www.jeremybarnard.com/


LocationGeorgetown, MA

      After more than forty years of photography, my passion for it only continues to grow. In the beginning, I hit the streets with my pawnshop camera and high expectations that I could capture some of my own versions of what Henri Cartier-Bresson called “decisive moments”. Early on I fell hopelessly in love with photography. I fell in love with the gadgets, the process, the darkroom, and the utter magic of it all. As time passed, I read every word I could find that Ansel Adams had ever written. His five volume series, “Basic Photo”, which was anything but basic, was a major source of my technical training, though not the only one. I studied the complete process, from “click” to hanging on the wall. It has always been of the utmost importance to see the image all the way through from previsualization to realization.      I spent twenty years as a wet lab (darkroom) practitioner. In the mid eighties the materials I had come to rely on for my voice had become hard to find, and, in time, they became unavailable. Digital imaging was in its infancy, and the results really quite awful. I was, however, forced by circumstance to hang my hopes on the new medium. The transition was not easy, but, as we now know, digital imaging technology improved incredibly rapidly. I have now made peace with the no longer new technology. More than that, I love it! Photography is still the magical artistic medium that has always sparked my passion, with some changes that now seem fairly minor. There are even more gadgets for me to have fun with, and the process I find even more interesting than before. My darkroom is now dry, and the magic, to me, seems even more remarkable. I love photography!      Today I can frequently be found with a digital SLR in my hands that has been converted for black and white infrared-only capture. I’ve been working with it for about ten years, and all the nasty memories of struggling with infrared film have faded. I have, throughout my time of involvement in photography, been predominantly a black and white photographer, and the dreamy look of infrared suits my rather surreal vision of the world.      I’m fascinated by the vast differences in the ways we all see the world. Having a camera through which to speak allows me to share my personal vision. My life is dedicated to discovering the best tools to expand my visual vocabulary so I can better share the amazing things I’ve seen.