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Antje Roitzsch

Antje Roitzsch

Medium sculpture | other



LocationLincolnville, ME

Antje Roitzsch comes from a background of fine Art Jewelry. The desire to work larger drew her into sculpture; first bronze, then life size outdoor abstract steel and copper pieces. Her current work explores Mobiles; discovering graceful movement in space has been the intention behind this new body of work. 

About the process of mobile creation:

After the initial trails of understanding the balancing, I realized that I could start from a solid shape and let the movement of the air break up the shape, spiral it, visually rearrange it and come back to center.

While this approach worked sometimes, the process always requires to be flexible and yield to the balancing requirements. Shapes often have to change, grow larger, stretch into a different direction than intended. It is an enriching inner process to work with gravity and balance in an open collaborative approach. Letting the ego forge ahead is not going to work. Going with the flow is what I am learning in the process.

Watching the always changing shapes move, invites the observer to slow down, come into present time, follow the visible air movement and forget current worries.