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Grace DeGennaro

Grace DeGennaro


Website https://www.gracedegennaro.com/


Archetypal images, with their ability to communicate ideas which transcend religion and culture, are the foundation of my studio practice. Using a limited vocabulary of symbols my paintings and works on paper bridge Eastern and Western thought through geometry and color in order to make visible ideas of growth, ritual, and the passage of time. Rooted in geometric forms and the process of accretion, my work is a deliberate layering of transparent shapes and collections of opaque dots and beads of color.  The Golden Mean--a ratio found in nature and architecture, and known for being the ideal moderate position between two extremes--is what determines the dimensions of my work. The Fibonacci sequence--a series of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers--provides me a framework to plot patterns marking the natural processes of growth and time.  While I strive for symmetry and precision in all of my work; evidence of my hand renders each piece subtly asymmetric, serving as a reminder to the viewer of our collective humanity. Layering ancient geometric forms using symbolic compositions illuminates symbols of our universal past and brings them into contemporary visual culture. All of my work shares a meditative quality evoking stillness, balance, and harmony--the very characteristics that geometric forms seek to awaken.