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Cara Gonier

Cara Gonier

Medium painting | printing

Website https://caragonier.weebly.com/


Cara Gonier is a New England based award winning contemporary artist in both painting and printmaking.

Her work is collected internationally and is featured in solo, group, invitational, museum and juried exhibitions.

Publications include:

•The centerfold of the 2014 issue of Artscope Magazine

•April/May 2020 issue of International Artist Magazine under the feature:

“Master Painters of the World”, 

•North Shore Magazine Home, April 2023 issue

•New Visionary Magazine 2023 issue 7. 



Cara's work is described as atmospheric, meditative and evocative while alluding to landscape in minimal detail, keeping viewers interest in the subtle flux of tones and texture in her paintings.

"My artistic process is a fusion of traditional landscape painting studies with an intuitive approach in creating more contemporary meditative compositions. My explorations and study in various disciplines of printmaking such as drypoint, Ecoprints, monotype/monoprint have informed my painting and vice versa.

Many of my paintings and prints are influenced by chromesthesia.

The interpretation of Landscape is an infinite quest I must explore; deconstruct, refine, simplify, defy, blur, mark, scrape, saturate, desaturate... in essence, to paint the landscape in various and countless forms is to journal life in all it's tenderness and boldness, it's depth and light.

The paintings are open to interpretation and I encourage the viewer to create their own journey in finding personal significance in connection to the art."


Established is 2022, Cara founded and is the director of

Gonier Fine Art Landscape Workshops;

a workshop program promoting and educating students on the techniques of cost effective, minimal equipment fine art printmaking in New England and abroad.