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Ed Nadeau

Ed Nadeau

Medium drawing | mixed media | painting

Website http://ednadeau.com


LocationHampden, ME

The catalyst for the new work in my recent painting are the people, places and events that I observe everyday living in Maine. In some cases the starting imagery is rather mundane. For me the mundane of everyday life holds great power to be elevated to powerful art. The imagery can be as simple as a bridge or a road with just the right light or just the right vehicle. It can be an emergency situation such as an ambulance headed down a highway in the hot summer or simply two crows sitting on a telephone wire. Or even a bed of pine needles under a stand of Maine Kings pines. 


I'm am certain that much of what and how I choose my imagery has been influenced by childhood memories. I seem to have formed a relationship with roads and bridges at an early age. I remember my mother pushing my younger brother in a stroller on the sidewalk along the highway in Waterville while I tagged along side. The January air freezing and the time of day nearing sunset. Off in the distance a bridge crossing over the highway, its silhouette looming over us as cars both wiz by us and cross above our heads. To the left of the highway the railroad yard with trains   banging together as they prepare for journey's beyond Waterville. 


For me this is the sort of imagery that has stuck and is the impetus for how I process my work.