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Doreen Nardone

Doreen Nardone

Medium painting

Website https://www.sevenartistscollective.com/#/doreennardone/


My paintings are the result of digging and unraveling.


My current work involves extracting memories of my hometown, neighborhood, and childhood experiences growing up in a large Greek/Italian extended family. The paintings are a mapping of those wanderings that resonate and are the foundation and history of my sense of place and of home. The work often becomes engaged with questioning and examination of current issues which bring about a loss of home, community, or cultural history.


The paintings are the result of digging into layers of oil paint, seeking intersections and connections of lines/shapes, and examining emotional connections to color. They come from both knowledge and intuition. 


When I was young I wanted to be either an astronomer or an archaeologist -- in my studio I believe I am both.

Member of "SEVEN", a collective of Maine-based abstract painters that emerged from Maine College of Art in 2016.

I have raised a family, worked and maintained my study of painting and drawing in Harpswell, Maine since 1986.