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Douglas Feick

Douglas Feick

Medium photography | printing | sculpture


Location POB 529, Belfast, ME, 04915,

3 Examples from the 2018 Matrix Works (first 3 images)

          Each matrix image has been drawn directly from patterns found in nature, a stand-alone print assembled into a community of images. Sizes of the 4x4 arrays presented here begin about 50” W x 50” H. Drawn from the Structure/Pattern/Relationship series, a group of recomposed images, the works explore how places become an amalgam of memory- layers of perceived foreground, background and detail; memories reset within the environment of viewpoint transformed into story.

          This emergence, akin to the process of early language learning, prunes and mixes recorded images within the context of participant emotional response and experiential habit. Memories are never simply descriptive, but rather complex personal interactions within a social framework. Experience is tempered by the response to living landscape forces and its structure and pattern. The matrices explore the process of assembling blocks of recollections into relationships and stories.

2 Examples from the 2019 “The Thinning of Nature” Books (last 2 images):

          “Foundations of Perception” from the “The Thinning of Nature” Books (7 open book arrays, each 2pp array approximately 68” W x 84” H). The book recalls the matrices of the Structure/Pattern/Relationship series and draws from the history of the broadside. The flow focuses on the movement of a biogenic world into an anthropogenic landscape. Moving from perception to experience and mystery to archetype, then on into stories within an anthropocentric perspective, the book explores the emergence of a restructured globe.

          “Tidal Forces” scroll from the “The Thinning of Nature” Books (approximately 84” W x 42” H). This broadside scroll of ten structure-pattern-relationship images explores species centric questions and the polarity found in the we-they relationship. Affiliation becomes established through the recognition of relationship, a foundational pattern of the biogenic landscape. Patterns in nature propagate into cultures and social groups.