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David Morgan

David Morgan

Medium printing

Website https://www.merrymeetingpress.com


LocationBath, Maine

I love the alchemy of printmaking.  It transmutes a visual idea through the crucibles of drawing, carving, inking, and printing into a finished image that holds some surprises for its maker, and hopefully some delight for its viewer.   For me, the very indirectness of making prints invites the unexpected, in contradiction – you might think - to its technical demands, and playing with that contradiction seems to be an integral part of a certain creative process.My first prints grew out of a fascination with medieval art and a desire to somehow rediscover, celebrate, and share the exuberant wonder of sculpture created a thousand years ago.  However, since becoming a full-time printmaker, I spend more time in the here and now as well, exploring the visual wonder of the contemporary world with – and perhaps beyond – more representational work.