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David Morgan

David Morgan

Medium printing

Website https://www.merrymeetingpress.com


LocationBath, Maine

I love the alchemy of printmaking. It transmutes a visual idea through the crucibles of drawing, carving, inking, and printing into a finished image that holds some surprises for its maker, and hopefully some delight for its viewer. For me, the very indirectness of making prints invites the unexpected, in contradiction – you might think - to its technical demands, and playing with that contradiction is an integral part of my creative process.

My creative career began with photography, when it was still done with silver and light, but in the dark.  My first woodcuts grew out of a fascination with medieval art and a desire to celebrate and share the exuberant wonder of sculpture created a thousand years ago.  However, since becoming a full-time printmaker I spend more time in the here and now as well, exploring the visual wonder of the contemporary world with – and beyond – more representational work.

My work is in the permanent collections of the Northwest Art Center, Minot, ND, USA, the Kyoto International Woodprint Association in Japan, and the Maine-Aomori Print Exchange. It's also in private collections across the USA, the UK, and Peru.