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Medium photography | sculpture

Website http://www.claracohan.com


LocationCape Elizabeth, Maine



Clara Cohan’s creations encourage Social Evolution. Her wood and bronze creations are embedded with a symbolic language that delivers a soulful remembering, a celebration of the Great Mystery of our Being, and the responsibility to protect what is Sacred.  Formal art education was had, but her Guiding Stars are the many decades of soulfully lived experiences.


In 1977 Clara built a small cabin and lived a self-sufficient, off-the-grid lifestyle for eight years.  During this most profound period of living in a completely interconnected way with Nature, Clara learned the sacredness of the interconnection of consciousness, environment, and the present moment.


Her spiritual journey has taken her to earth-based cultures around the world to understand how their symbol systems convey spiritual beliefs into everyday life. This is what Clara presents to us. We find a universal visual language that speaks to the well-being of our Soul and Society.



A 2019/2020 grant from the Maine Arts Commission for “GATHERING,” was awarded to Clara.  GATHERING is an interactive, wisdom-evoking sculpture/installation to stimulate conversations about the major issues of our time. The insights that came forth from people of all backgrounds were a validation that creations have the power to generate inner and world change.



My sculptures/installations are portals to the spiritual aspects of our earthly and cosmic existence.  The purpose of these works is to stimulate personal transformations that will ripple out into the community, environment, and planet.  The creations are embedded with a symbolic language of the human subconscious that delivers a soulful remembering of the sacred interconnectedness of All Things.”