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CATHY Bennigson

CATHY Bennigson

Medium painting


LocationJefferson, ME

For years my family and business career took precedence over any art making.  My next era was as a student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.   Following school, I became a member of the Board of Governors at SMFA, then Chairman of that Board and ultimately a full time artist.


In the beginning I focused my work on “Edges,” those places where two things come together: objects, spaces, people, colors, energies.   Edges are the transitions where worlds of emotion, relationships and life connect.  My quest was to explore the nature of those transitions, those edges.  Some are strong, impermeable barriers allowing nothing to pass through.  Some are ill defined and fragile, almost invisible, a barrier to nothing.  


Through the years, the edges have evolved into swaths and patches of color.  And rather than defining edges as limits, they have become strokes of a brush that carry the energy of life, the exuberance of living.  My hope is for my paintings to be loose, open, free and energetic, using a broad spectrum of life’s palette.


I strive for depth, energy and ‘a certain sophistication’ in my work that is hard to describe.  But I know it when I feel it.