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Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Medium painting

Website http://awyoungart.wordpress.com


Andrew lives in New York City and has life-long and abiding associations Downeast and Down Cape (Cod).  
Recent work is grounded in sixteen years of research on little known painter and educator, William Holst (1912-1995 [williamholst.info]) prompting investigation into “push and pull” and “fathoming” a surface. Holst studied with Hans Hofmann in Provincetown, MA 1949-52 and 1954.  He taught and painted in New London, NH and Deer Isle, ME for 55 years. 
That project, a window into non-objective, formal modernism, helped chart a course exploring Holst’s reductive process and reflecting on Jack Tworkov’s “cracks of light” (Cooper, “A Compound Eye”).