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Annie Darling

Annie Darling

Medium mixed media | painting | photography

Website http://www.anniedarlingart.com


LocationCape Elizabeth, Maine



Annie Darling was born in Chicago, Illinois, and followed the familial path of creative and technical studies; successfully orienteering her way through a range of programs including fine art, graphic design, industrial technology, and communications at the University of Oregon, and the University of Southern Maine where she graduated with a B.A. in Communication Arts.


After graduation, Annie embarked on an artistic journey which took her from owning an award-winning graphic design firm, to partnering in a successful art-based stationery company, to creating and developing her expanding body of encaustic and mixed media art work. Throughout Annie’s career, she has received numerous awards and accolades for her outstanding visual design work.




My creative process is an involved, yet organic one. I paint on large panels that require me to continually move around them. As my body travels around the painting—dripping, ironing, and fusing the pigmented wax into place—I am constantly assessing the state of the composition: the relationship of each element to one another, the saturation of color, the detail and depth of each layer. In large part, it is a communication between me and the work. It is a conversation where each layer—every element—informs the next. The result is a work of art so intricate it can never be recreated.