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Anne Hebebrand

Anne Hebebrand

Medium painting

Website http://www.annehebebrand.com


LocationBath, ME

My paintings are maps of memories that are in dialogue with one another. Colors and shapes evolve organically and bring each painting, with its own distinct composition and feeling, to life. Together, the paintings weave a story, co-creating their own universe.


I am interested in creating rich, vital, and tactile surfaces that directly contrast the flat and glossy surfaces of screens that dominate our lives today. The physical act of standing in front of a canvas and pushing paint around makes me feel connected to a long line of painters from centuries past. It is in this solitary space where ideas are born and take on new lives. Uncertain where the act of creating will take me, I am guided by the process of layering paint, and excavating and unearthing earlier layers, until the moment arrives when everything seems to fall into place. 


Art, like music, can unlock frozen memories that melt into seeds of creativity, transporting us to magical  places.