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Alison Thibault

Alison Thibault

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Location 50 Main Street, Vinalhaven, ME, 04863, US

I grew up on a pond with my mom & dad, sister & brother, dogs & cats, vegetable gardens & flower gardens, chickens & ducks, blueberries & strawberries, canoeing & ice skating.I cannot remember a time before horses.Through horses I learned love, patience, compassion, communication and the joy that comes from working with your hands, your mind and your heart. After graduating from college with majors in finance and accounting I entered the corporate world of banking as a commercial lender… but never quite fit in.Around that time my mom gave me a cassette tape of  The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and told me it would change my life.  So of course, I didn’t listen … until sometime later when I finally realized what I already knew… the corporate world wasn’t for me  and I really didn’t fit in  And it did change my  life.I left the big city and moved back to Maine where I always knew I belongedI taught myself about glass, fusing and jewelry and it all started because I lost a favorite earring at a time when I was looking for a new way of living.  What began as a part time endeavor quickly became a business; people were buying earrings right off my ears!I strive to capture simplicity and light with my jewelry, creating personal adornments to enhance your natural light and beauty.  I draw inspiration for my work from the works of my mom and my grandmother, the women and girls who wear my jewelry, my island home and the music that is always on as I work.