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Tellers of Tales

There’s a  bird living in the attic. There are four little chicks. They’re robins. “I can’t go up there. They might peck me!” “I’ve seen robins’ eggs because it fell

The Aim of Art

Dear Families and Friends, Aristotle said, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” When Susan Beebe told us the tale

Make an Impression!

Dear Families and Friends, Today was a day of big impressions! Two of our artists kicked off the morning by sharing their personal journals. Alexis told the story of journaling from

LEAPS of IMAGINATION’s 2015 Launch

Dear Families and Friends, What is imagination? we asked second graders on our first day of our 2015 program at Lura Libby School in Thomaston, ME. “You close your eyes


  10.02.2015   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

JANICE ANTHONY This small room has been my studio for the last 34 years. It was built for me as a studio space when we built our house, and has

Toni Jo Coppa, Jill Valliere, Elizabeth Yamin

  30.09.2014   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

TONI JO COPPA This is a corner of my studio in the Artist Studio Building on Congress Street in Portland. I highly value being part of the community within

Barbara Cone, Johanna Moore, Lesia Sochor

  17.06.2014   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

BARBARA CONE It was through MassWax, a New England-based encaustic artist group I co-founded, that I learned about 26 Split Rock Cove Artist Retreat in South Thomaston. Last summer I

Artists and Authors

  Dear Families and Friends, This has been a big week for LEAPS of IMAGINATION. After Mentor Artists Alexis Iammarino and Sandy Weisman made extra prints from second graders’ plates,

George Mason, Bob Richardson, Dianna Rust

  18.04.2014   CMCA   Open Studio   No comments

GEORGE MASON Big room studio: encaustic, assembly and occasional gallery Ground floor studio: wet works Since I live in what was once a church I have more room than most.


Learning in the Arts requires the ability and a willingness to surrender to the unanticipated possibilities of the work as it unfolds. ~ Elliot W. Eisner Dear Families and Friends,


     Dear Families and Friends, Art surprises us in so many ways!  Before LEAPS of IMAGINATION some second graders did not think of themselves as artists and had never had


 “What makes this project so great is how much time there is. You need time to be creative.” ~ Two second graders    LEAPS of IMAGINATION is about story and