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February News + Events

New Exhibitions - Cady, Driskell, Wethli; Vacation Week ArtLab, Yoga, and more! Read Newsletter

9 Reasons Why The Off-Season Is The Best Time To Visit Maine-Town&Country

There’s no denying that summer in Maine is pretty idyllic. The average temperature in July and August hovers around 70 degrees, which is pretty much perfect weather for a lobster

An Outpost of the Louvre and 2 Saint Laurent Shrines-New York Times

There is the art of travel, and then there is traveling for art. In 2017, art lovers can expect splashy new museums in both well-known and surprising locales, noteworthy exhibits

January News + Events

Biennial final month, ArtLab, Yoga, Pies on Parade, Art to Collect, Who Do You Love? Read Newsletter