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Holiday Open House

  10.12.2022   Dana Clark     No comments

CMCA welcomes you to our Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 10 for a relaxing and festive shopping experience this holiday season with spectacular discounts on beautiful Maine-made goods and

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Veronica Perez | voices, whispering

  28.05.2022   Dana Clark     No comments

Veronica Perez’s solo exhibition features a new body of sculptures made from braided and weaved artificial hair, a material that Perez has been deeply invested in for the past three

Yashua Klos | Our Living

  28.05.2022   Dana Clark     No comments

Our Living is the first text-based work from the Brooklyn-based artist Yashua Klos.  This monumental work expands upon his unique approach to large scale woodblock printing and collage by referencing the

Reggie Burrows Hodges | Hawkeye

  28.05.2022   Dana Clark     No comments

CMCA is pleased to present Hawkeye, a solo exhibition of paintings by Reggie Burrows Hodges. A tennis ball, warped by the speed of impact, is captured right before it lands

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