Someone once told me that my paintings have “the overall impression of a tone poem—as if Whistler’s aesthetic had been updated by a 21st century existentialist.” It’s true. My landscapes represent thoughts and memories that bump up against distractions and interference. While referring to the natural world I struggle with balance and tension, and complications of technology juxtaposed with the clarity of an unadorned landscape, often symbolized by a single tree.

Susan Williams paints dreams spun from landscapes she loves—Penobscot Bay, the shores of a lake, a field. She paints the places again and again, layering them with her histories and emotions, working variations in marks and colors, recording and revealing her states of mind—and soul. Raised in New York, she graduated from Bowdoin College and lives in Rockport.  She has shown extensively in Maine and New York; recent shows include Pascal Hall Gallery in Rockport, L.C. Bates Museum in Hinckley, the Thomas Moser Gallery in Freeport, and Downing Yudain in Stamford, Connecticut.


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