Artist’s Statement
I am a contemporary artist living and painting in Walpole, Maine. My work colorfully celebrates the beauty and sympathizes with the sometimes struggle of life in Maine. I paint the long, quiet winters and the bright, busy summers, as well as the autumns and springs in-between. I paint from the life I am leading here, where I am: seldom venturing far from home and never running out of inspiration.

My hope is that my work captures my love for this Maine way of life that is fading but not yet forgotten.

Artist’s Bio
Professional artist Susan Bartlett Rice earned her BA in studio art and art history from the University of Vermont, which was followed by further studies at the California College of Arts and Crafts and the Rhode Island School of Design. Her oil paintings are autobiographical and reflect the contrasts, challenges, and comforts of living year-round on the Maine coast.

Rice’s modern work reflects a time almost gone by. Through her paintings of 20th-century architecture, the working waterfront, and family farming, she colorfully represents long-standing traditions in contemporary times. Her paintings have been exhibited and collected nationally.

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