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Do I make art or do I let it pass through and over me? I think of a river. I’m not interested in standing on the bank and pointing at it. Nor do I want to change its direction or dig a new riverbed. I want to be in that river, drawing others in with me, helping it flow on its way.

Simon van der Ven’s vessels are magical. Their pure shapes, subtle glazes, pierced bodies that let in and emit light seem simple, but it is a hard-earned simplicity. He builds each one slowly and painstakingly, drilling and sanding holes, carving patterns in clay. They are addictive, as well. One is not enough. Van der Ven was a beloved teacher at Camden Hills Regional High School. His studio is in Lincolnville, and she shows at Aarhus Gallery in Belfast, at Greenhut Galleries in Portland, and at Zoot Coffee in Camden, and at CRAFT in Rockland.


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