Artist’s Statement
Although my subject matter is primarily reality based, as a watercolor artist I have always enjoyed pushing the colors represented beyond the natural range.  The medium allows me to satisfy my penchant for saturated hues, resulting in paintings built slowly, deliberately, and carefully with multiple glazes and dry brush.

Artist’s Bio
Robert Steinmetz divides his time between residences in Spruce Head, Maine, and Dataw Island, South Carolina. After 27 years as a practicing architect in Connecticut, he began painting watercolors when he retired and moved to the coast of Maine in 1990. He is honored to have been chosen recently by his artist peers for “Signature Membership” status in America’s two most prestigious watercolor societies: The American Watercolor Society in New York and the National Watercolor Society in California.

His work is regularly chosen by jurors for inclusion in international and national watercolor exhibitions, and it has been cited for numerous awards as well. His painting subjects are varied but generally reflect places he’s lived or traveled in and frequently include figures. He is currently represented by the Haynes Gallery in Thomaston, Maine, and The Charles Street Gallery in Beaufort, South Carolina.

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