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Loney photo_CMCA.jpg

I paint on textiles, usually with fiber reactive dyes, directly applied with a brush to natural fiber fabrics, mostly silk in recent years. These dyes form a chemical bond with the fibers and become an integral part of the cloth. No resists are used; control of the dyes is achieved with the use of sodium alginate and a careful balance of moisture in the fabric. Forms and patterns in negative and positive images are painted in transparent layers of contrasting hues so that the shapes and colors define, obscure, and change one another. I try to exploit the fact that my work is on, and in, cloth. The textile itself has great textural appeal and can be stitched and quilted, draped and tied, in ways that add further enrichment.

I have been inspired by the patterns of sun, water, and sky, and too, by an attraction to the power of symbols and designs: ancient, modern, and seemingly eternal. I am excited by the patterns I see everywhere in the world, as well as the ones inside my head, and, too, those of powers and forces only sensed.

Loney photo_CMCA.jpg 3 years ago
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