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"Violet and Blue, Bald Porcupine," oil on linen

My work centers around rural and urban landscape as well as the occasional figure and interior space. In all of these subjects, I am interested in the rich yet ephemeral nature of color, light and form. Naturally, I spend my time both as a plein air and studio painter. The act of painting outdoors brings a sense of spontaneity and abstraction that informs my studio work. When painting from life, there is a tremendous amount of beauty and knowledge to be experienced regarding light, color and form. Equally important to me is the act of painting: the look and feel of the paint as well as the enjoyment of the painting process itself. The challenge then, as I see it, is to keep fresh and alive these fleeting elements on a relatively static canvas. So, from this perspective, my work has been inclined to meander around the boundary between abstraction and realism.

Philip Frey’s paintings are improvisations on color—the colors of the visual world and of emotion. Here he recalls the sumptuous interiors of Matisse—that master of color—and hints at one of his collages of dancers. A graduate of Syracuse University, his work is in many corporate and private collections.  This year he is showing at the Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture in Kennebunk, the Bert Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island, Courthouse Gallery in Ellsworth, and Gleason Fine Art in Boothbay. He has also shown at Maine Art Gallery in Kennebunkport, the Lyme Art Association in Connecticut, and at the University of Maine Lord Hall Gallery. Last year he received a Heliker-LaHotan Foundation Residency.

"Violet and Blue, Bald Porcupine," oil on linen 3 years ago
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