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“My images are observations of the world around me; of the sheer beauty of local natural forms. Within and among these forms I am drawn to the rhythms of nature and I use these as my cue to finalize an image. My prints are presented as ends in themselves; they have no specific agenda and need no explanation. I think the viewers relationship to them should be complete, and this is why I focus on scale, printing and so on. The sensation of completeness very quickly gives way to visual and rhythmic play.”

Mary Woodman’s photographs shine with an uncanny light.  She manipulates film and digital images, sometimes in order to achieve extraordinary detail, sometimes to create an emotional blur. In color or in black and white she heightens the act of seeing; each image has a quality of revelation. She studied with Paul Caponigro and at the Maine Media Workshops.  In 2012 one of her images won an award from Color Magazine.  She has shown at Fryeburg Academy, at the Barn Gallery in Ogunquit, at the Landing Gallery in Rockland, at the Portland Public Library, at CMCA, and in several online shows.

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