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Mary Bourke, "Shallows," acrylic on birch panel

Finding one’s place in the world has been a recurring theme in my work. As I grow older it seems I have learned that it does not take much to be connected. Less becomes more … just step outside. The simplicity of this thought brings with it a heightened sense of intimacy and speaks to the very basic question of what it means to be a part of the world and in turn, what it means to be home.

With their gleaming surfaces and brilliant colors, Mary Bourke’s deeply appealing paintings—like this image of a girl floating in an inner tube—evoke universal memories.  Her work was featured on the cover of A Place Called Maine, a 2008 anthology of poetry edited by Wesley McNair.  She shows regularly at Greenhut Galleries in Portland and at Left Bank Gallery in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, Jules Place in Boston, and Powers Gallery in Acton, Massachusetts. Her work was chosen for the cover of the L. L. Bean Christmas catalogue in 2013.

Mary Bourke, "Shallows," acrylic on birch panel 3 years ago
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