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Mary Barnes
Mary Barnes, "Barometric Pressure," 2013

My art today is about recent moments of observation. Placing myself in locations – on a dragon fly wing, in the reindeer moss, under lichen, eye level to the water’s surface – is how I engage with nature. I am “in” the landscape. These moments become memories and are rediscovered as I work in my studio. Most importantly, I make what is within me and I never know at the start what will be at the end. Such is the freedom of art. Such is the revelation of one’s eye and heart. The imagery and color coalesce into one idea, one movement, one moment. Each abstraction is a dialogue between memory and imagination that I venture to share.

It is reverence for Nature that binds my art. I gain spiritual and emotional resolve from the experience and the disbelief of such beauty. My art reflects this resolve. 

Mary Barnes, "Barometric Pressure," 2013 3 years ago
Mary Barnes 3 years ago
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