5 Robinson.jpg
5 Robinson.jpg

This images was taken out the window while riding Amtrak between Boston and New York City many times during the last year. One of my on-going, “En Route Series, ” a photography project focusing on the marginal landscapes I glimpse while traveling.

My continued attraction to this fleeting, marginal world goes back to my childhood growing up in Manhattan when such rare excursions out of the City were exhilarating, unexpected opportunities to daydream out the window. If I were to look for deeper resonance I might understand my present focus on the transient, quotidian world while traveling as something of aZen experience that allows me to be fully present in the moment when the ordinary and fleeting may be transformed.

Liv Kristen Robinson’s brilliant control of photographic space and color conjures monumentality and romance; this image of an island in a lake inverts sky and water, teases the horizon, turns landscape into a lyric. For more than two decades Robinson has lived in Belfast, recording life as it is—and it is, through her lens, more beautiful, sometimes, than we expect it will be. Her work has appeared in national publications, including Popular Photography, and she has shown in many museums and galleries across the country; in 2011 she was included in the Portland Museum of Art Biennial. In 2002 she participated in the Museum of Modern Art’s spring exhibition. Her photographs are in the collections of the Portland Museum of Art, the Colby College Museum, the Farnsworth, and the New York Public Library.

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