Landscapes, interior spaces, the human figure, the sea, amphibians, symbolic icons (Ukrainian eggs, Spools of Thread) – these are all subjects I’ve painted over my 35 years as an artist. Three years ago, I was inspired by my mother in law’s sewing drawer to paint images of spools of thread. The spool, such a humble icon, full of utilitarian simplicity holds a current of meaning, stirring memories and family stories from one generation to the next. What began as a personal exploration connecting me to the women of my family who sew, literally and symbolically, evolved to include all of humanity and how we are all ‘sewn’ into a fabric called the world.

Lesia Sochor has worked and taught in midcoast Maine for thirty years. A graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art, she paints from her inner life, making personal experience visible. This is a subtle exploration of the nature of femininity: printed curves translated to cut and sewn fabric that already seem to contain a body. She has shown extensively in Maine and throughout the northeast. In 2010, she had a solo show at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts; she participated in group shows at Aarhus Gallery in Belfast and at the Bangor Public Library, as well. Last year she has a show at CMCA, and this year she is in exhibitions at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, at Heather Hearst Art in Camden, and at Elizabeth Moss Gallery in Falmouth.


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