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I work from direct observation because I am inspired by sublime moments in nature. Working from direct observation allows me to open up a direct connection between my eyes and my hand, and work with an intuitive response, bypassing my conscious thought-making. Only when I stop am I able to “see” what I have done. Painting from nature allows me to have one hand in the representational world and one hand in the world of abstraction.

Kristin Malin paints intimate plein air images whose calligraphic strokes record what she calls “a moment of seeing.” She grew up in New Orleans and graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in painting, studied at the New York Studio School, and earned an MFA in painting from Columbia. She has been awarded a residency at Platte Cove Reserve in the Catskills. She exhibits at Caldbeck Gallery in Rockland, and in September, four large drawings of waterfalls will be shown at the Emery Community Arts Center at the University of Maine in Farmington.

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